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No one wants to overpay for car insurance! That’s why finding cheap car insurance is so important.

How to Get Cheap Car Insurance

There are many ways to get cheap auto insurance. But you want to make sure you’re not sacrificing quality or coverage. There are many different kinds of car insurance coverages, and it might sound simple to bring down your monthly or yearly premiums by just switching to a policy with less protection. But that could end up costing you more down the line, if you do end up needing to pay out of pocket.
To find the best cheap car insurance, you’ll need to compare car insurance policies from many different carriers. Why? Well, car insurance companies look at many different factors to set premiums — where you live, how old you are, what car you drive, even your credit score. Basically, insurance companies are trying to figure out how “high-risk” you are as a driver. If they think you’re low-risk and unlikely to get into an accident or file a claim, you will likely have cheaper car insurance than a driver who they think is more likely to get into an accident.
But there’s a catch — different insurance companies use different formulas to judge how high-risk you might be. So while one auto insurance company might charge you a higher monthly premium because you live in a high-risk zip code and have bad credit, another company may charge you less because you are a homeowner with a very safe car — just because those two companies weigh those factors differently.
In addition to the formulas insurance companies use, different carriers also have different discounts they may be able to apply to your policies. For example, while men under the age of 25 tend to pay more for insurance than the average driver, a college student with good grades might qualify for a discount with certain providers that could help offset that expense and still get relatively cheap insurance.
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Comparing Insurance Rates

If you want to buy cheap car insurance online, you could go to several insurance companies and get quotes from each. But that can be a long, cumbersome process that would involve wait times and lots of back and forth with pushy salespeople. can help you compare rates from over 40 top insurance companies in mere seconds. Just fill out a few questions, and our machine-learning system can find the perfect quotes for you — with the same coverage you already have, but for cheaper prices! And if you do find good cheap car insurance, the qualified agents at will take care of all the paperwork to have you switch plans, even helping you get a refund for any remaining time on your old policy. It is the easiest and simplest way to get cheap car insurance quotes.

Who has the cheapest insurance?

The auto insurance company with the cheapest insurance will vary wildly depending on the driver. Luckily, has access to thousands of quotes, so we can help you navigate the confusing and crowded auto insurance market.

Why does credit impact my car insurance rate?

It probably seems a little weird that car insurance companies use your credit score when they decide what to charge you for insurance. After all — you don’t drive with your credit card! But car insurance companies crunch numbers and data to look at which drivers are “high-risk” or most likely to file a claim. When an insurance company thinks a driver is more likely to file a claim, they generally charge that person more than someone they deem to be “low-risk.” Most insurance companies have data that suggests that people with lower credit scores are more likely to file claims, so they charge higher premiums to those drivers. Meanwhile, if you have a really good credit score, you may end up getting cheaper car insurance because of it.

What is the minimum car insurance I can have?

The minimum car insurance you need to legally drive differs from state to state. In Virginia and New Hampshire, the law doesn’t require you to have any car insurance at all (but it still requires proof of financial responsibility). In all other states, there are laws around the coverage you must have. But even with these differences, there are certain coverages that are standard: bodily injury liability, which insures individuals involved in an accident for physical injuries sustained by others, and property damage liability which covers damage to other people’s property in an accident that was caused by the insured.

How can I lower my car insurance rate?

There are many ways you can lower your car insurance rate. You can change your coverage to raise your deductible. This will reduce your monthly payments, but you may have to pay more out of pocket in the event of an accident or damage. You can also opt for less coverage, but make sure you still have the protection you need. You can also change your payment plan or term. Most insurance companies give drivers a discount if they pay for a full year or a full six months all at once, vs. monthly payments. Overall, the easiest, fastest way to lower your car insurance rate is to compare rates across different insurance providers. It is very likely that you can get coverage equal to what you currently have, but with a lower payment. can help you compare rates and switch carriers.
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