How to React if You See Someone Drinking and Driving

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Staying alert while driving is one of the best ways to protect yourself on the road. Unfortunately, even if you are driving safely, other drivers may not be. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that one-third of traffic deaths in 2015 were caused by alcohol-impaired drivers. Always monitor how nearby vehicles are driving in order to keep yourself and others safe. In this article, Step 1 recommends that you first make sure you’re safe, Step 2 advises taking down some information, Step 3 is calling the police, and Step 4 cautions you to not take matters into your own hands.

Part 1 of 1: What to do if you spot a drunk driver

Step 1: Protect yourself. If you spot a drunk driver on the road, the first priority is always your safety.
Be sure to keep a safe distance from the car at all times or pull over to a safe area in order to avoid them.
Do not attempt to follow the driver or get their attention.
Step 2: Gather information. While maintaining a safe distance, try to collect as much useful information about the potentially-impaired driver as possible.
Make note of the make, model, license plate number, or any other distinguishing features of the vehicle.
Observe the direction that the driver is headed and if they are alone or with others in the car. This information will be useful for the authorities.
Step 3: Call the police. Call 911 and relay as much information as possible about the situation. In addition to the description of the vehicle, you should be able to tell them your exact location and direction of travel.
Listen for the operator’s advice and stay on the phone to answer any additional questions they might have.
Step 4: Don’t take matters into your own hands. Your only responsibility in this situation is to contact the police and give as much information as possible.
Do not try to intervene or stop the vehicle yourself. Drunk or impaired drivers put other vehicles in danger your involvement could make it more difficult for the police to do their job.
Drunk driving is a serious issue that endangers individuals and other drivers. Always report drunk driving and avoid dangerous situations. Safe driving courses can teach you techniques that will help you react to situations like this and other things you might encounter on the road.

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